VV / Vedam visu started operating on August 24, 2011, to offer relocation, moving, transportation and loading services in Latvia.

VV / Vedam visu company name consists of two keywords in Latvian that means CARRYING (vedam) EVERYTHING (visu), which perfectly describes the services provided by the company.

THE HIGHEST QUALITY SERVICE is what our company stands for!

Moving and transportation services are provided by professional staff selected by and trained according to specific criteria required for the job. 

The team consists of conscientious, strong and wise guys. VV / Vedam visu provides an individual approach to each client and are ready to hear out any desires and fulfil them!

The range of services provided by VV / Vedam visu is very wide: 

  • Relocation of offices to new premises; 
  • Relocation service for individuals; 
  • Furniture delivery and assembly;
  • Delivery of construction materials;
  • Online store goods delivery;
  • Removal and disposal of construction debris, furniture and household appliances;
  • Cleaning of premises after removal and before delivery of new goods; 
  • Moving box rental service; 
  • Transportation services;
  • Loaders services;
  • Warehouse services - storage, cargo consolidation and repackaging; 
    and more.

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